Business Protection


If one of your fellow directors, key shareholders or most important staff members were to die, how would your business cope? Not only would you lose a vital part of the business, along with all their skills, experience and business relationships, but you and your fellow directors could be required to purchase their share of the business from their next of kin.

With Business Protection in place, your business is fully protected from the financial consequences of the death of a director, shareholder or key member of staff. The cover provides for everything from buying back the share of a business from the deceased’s estate to the cost of temporary replacement staff, loss of income and even the cost of searching for and recruiting a successor.

We can advise you on getting your business protected and securing the most appropriate cover at optimum rates.


For more information about any of the following business protection covers:


  • Key Person Insurance
  • Co-Director Insurance
  • Corporate Co-Director Insurance
  • Partnership Insurance
  • Group Risk Cover
  • Shareholder Insurance


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