Investing is a very personal matter and is entirely unique to each individual’s circumstances. Understanding why you are investing, your goals and attitude to risk allows us to make recommendations and structure investments that are suitable for you and in line with your overall investment mandate.

While deposit rates may be attractive in the short term or may be suitable for money which you may need access to, the effects of inflation over the medium to long term can mean that in real terms your money may buy you less as time goes on. When you invest for the medium to longer term however, your money has a better opportunity to grow. This is because your money is used to buy ‘real’ assets such as shares, property, bonds, commodities and currencies that are proven to outperform inflation and deliver real growth on your money. It is therefore important to focus on the medium to long term time horizon and to diversify the portfolio in which you are invested.

Within our investment department, we have assembled an extremely experienced team to undertake continuous research to ensure that our client recommendations are timely and take account of the ever changing economic environment. We take great pride in looking after our clients on an ongoing basis, constantly updating them on their investments and offering ongoing advice with regard to their portfolios. As impartial Investment Advisers we have access to virtually every fund and institution operating in today’s market and covering many asset classes from deposit accounts to Investment Funds, incorporating Government/Corporate Bonds, Stocks, Shares, Currencies and Absolute Returns Funds.