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Why O’Leary Life?


A trusted brokerage since 1973, offering expert advice for the same rate as the “low cost” online brokers in the market. 


We are not tied to one company, we offer cover from Zurich, Aviva, Royal London, New Ireland and Irish Life. 


Zero broker fee & price matched premium


Same day cover available


Mortgage Protection FAQs


What is mortgage protection?


Mortgage protection is simply life cover that decreases over time to fall in line as your mortgage is paid down, typically purchased as a requirement of drawing down your mortgage.


Do I have to purchase mortgage protection from my bank? 


No, in fact, lenders are obligated to ensure that you do not feel pressured into taking a policy with them. All of the mortgage protection policies we offer are lender aproved. 


I have a mortgage protection policy, can I switch?


Yes, we are happy to help you compare and see if you are paying too much or if enhanced value can be found in another policy.  If you decide to make a switch, we help cancel your existing policy.


Can I call to your offices instead?


Absolutely. While we offer online proposals, we know some people prefer sit down face to face. We are located in Blackrock just across from the CSO.


How long does it take to apply for mortgage protection?


 The average underwriting call takes just 8 mintues, afterwhich you sign the online proposal with just a couple of clicks.


How do I sign online without printing?


We email your proposal, you click the link in the body of the email and review. You are then prompted to sign by typing your name *or if on a smart phone you can sign by touchscreen. There is no need to be computer savy to digitally sign.


Can I talk to someone after business hours?


Yes, simply email to schedule a time that suits.


How soon before draw down should I apply for mortgage protection?


We recommend applying 3-4 weeks in advance of draw down. Many people can get immediate cover but some health conditions  require a report from your GP.  Avoid pressure, apply early and place your policy on hold until it is required.


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