Our Approach


At O’Leary Life we take a personal approach to your financial security and ambitions. The better we know you, the better understanding we will have in assisting you achieve your financial aspirations. The first step in the process is a meeting where together we will review your financial and family circumstances, accounting for potential changes that are likely to occur due to schooling, college and so forth.

More knowledge leads to better advice

Having garnered a true understanding of your current financial circumstances, we will therefore customise recommendations that are specifically tailored to your requirements, whilst at all times remaining focused on the realistic affordability of same. We will also take into account your employment/tax classification to ensure all recommended options maximise your relevant Tax allowances.

All options available to you will be clearly outlined, without any obligation on your part.

Individual care and attention

Clients are the life blood of our business therefore each client, irrespective of whether business or personal receives the same degree of professional and award-winning care and attention and will be the beneficiaries of the significant academic capital that exists within our organisation, that has been satisfying client’s needs for over 45 years.

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