Now that we are all living longer than ever before, you can confidently expect to enjoy a retirement of 20 years or even more. That’s a very long time to spend without an adequate income to support a comfortable lifestyle. A pension will provide you with a nest egg in the future and you can enjoy hobbies, holidays and peace of mind knowing you’re financially secure.


Planning ahead for retirement with a pension is one of the best financial decisions you will ever make. Not only do pensions provide you with a way of saving regularly and giving your money the chance to grow, but you will also enjoy tax relief on the contributions you make and on the investment growth of your fund. The correct utilisation of a pension structure can also be a hugely tax effective means of extracting funds from one’s business.

Whatever your situation there is a pension product to suit you, it’s never too early or too late to start putting money away for your retirement years. We can talk you through all the options on the market, from PRSAs to Executive Pensions, Company Pensions and Self-Directed/Administered Pensions and ensure your pension planning is the best it can be.


The Benefits of a Pension with O’Leary Life:


  • We will help you maximise tax relief on your pension contributions
  • We can help you find the right amount to save and adjust, if circumstances change
  • We have access to a wide range of funds to invest your pension in
  • We will help put a financial plan in place to help you achieve your optimal retirement


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